If you don't like gyms try Nordic Walking on the Westwood, absolutely brilliant, Carol is a great instructor and its all good fun. 

— Chris B

Thoroughly enjoyed my Nordic walk with Carol last night, what better way to end a busy and sometimes stressful day, getting out into green spaces, enjoying the peace, the fresh air and exercise. Carols a qualified instructor for Nordic Walking Uk and demonstrates the real benefit of “walking with poles”. I would thoroughly recommend it, give it a go!

— Lynne C

Great night meeting Paula and thank you Carol for teaching me how to Nordic Walk. I now have my Freedom Passport. Amazing exercise. Full body work out in the fresh air, fun and social. You must try it. Check out East Yorkshire Nordic walking www.eastyorkshirenordicwalking.co.uk/

— Claire C

Had a real good work out by Nordic walking this morning with Carol the lovely instructor and a lovely lady called Jenny. Really enjoyed it and after a good session always come back with a smile. In the past I have tried gyms and never liked them. Nordic walking is great for certain injuries and it helps if the old sciatica plays up. I can honestly recommend Nordic walking to any age, any ability and even if anyone needs to go at their own pace, the faster ones always come back so no one is ever left alone. It's a great form of exercise and such friendly company. Come on give it a whirl, you have nothing to lose and gets you fit at same time.

— Debra B

Another wonderful evening, Nordic Walking on the Yorkshire Wolds - absolutely beautiful. As an overweight middle aged woman, I am finding the walks both stimulating and challenging, in a really positive way. Nordic Walking really is suitable for everyone. I can’t believe how quickly my fitness level is improving. After completing my 4 week, Learn to Nordic Walk Course a few weeks ago, I am now lucky enough to attend evening walks twice a week. Carol and Graham are exceptionally supportive  and friendly, helping me gain confidence and guiding me towards my goals of losing weight and getting fitter. I have met some smashing new friends and love being out in the countryside. I can’t imagine ever not Nordic Walking now. Do yourself a favour and sign up, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Thank you Carol and Graham for bringing this wonderful pastime to East Yorkshire! 😊

— Sue H

After having 3 major operations on my spine I worried that I wouldn’t be able to exercise any more, I was a fit and active person before hand and thought I would never regain my fitness levels but..... Following my last operation in February this year I attempted to start some gentle walking and build up gently but I just seemed to be stuck and not really making much progress.  I was still having painful muscle spasms from the repeated surgeries and I am having regular Physiotherapy sessions.  I started the learn to walk course and found that although I was still in pain and being mindful of my own limitations it became easier each week and I now attend adventure walks twice a week even tackling the hills with very little pain or discomfort.  I feel like I’m getting stronger and fitter each week.  It’s so uplifting to see everyone smiling and enjoying being outside in the fresh air and to see how much progress we are making as a group.   So to those out there thinking they don’t know where to start or they aren’t fit enough to give it a try yet........ Don’t worry, just take a taster session and you will see for yourself how beneficial it is for everyone, the fit, the unfit, or those on the road to recovery. You make new friends and everyone spurs each other on.  The groups are structured so that you can go at your own pace without holding back the others, no one is left behind you just meet back up at the top of the hill.  One thing I did notice was that I had no idea what a good workout it was going to be by just watching, it’s only when you have a go that you realise how many muscles you are using that you forgot you had.  I have improved so much since starting and feel fitter and healthier each week. To those out there who are feeling like they can’t exercise due to physical restrictions or health problems, I’d say give Nordic Walking a go.  It’s ideal for building strength and stamina, giving you that feel good factor as you go.  You build up slowly and at your own pace and before you know it you are feeling fitter and healthier than ever.  It is a fun way to rehabilitate after illness or injury building your strength and stamina back up gradually til before you know it you are good as new.   I literally couldn’t walk this time six months ago but look at me now, I’m off! 😁  

— Sally S

I was the original sceptic as far as Nordic Walking was concerned. “Walking with sticks, why do I need instruction for that? What possible benefits could I derive from it?” (Yes I called them “sticks”) I went to the first lesson reluctantly to please my partner, who, wiser than I saw the possibilities it offered. I met Carol and Graham, who are very nice people, but I doubted they could teach me anything new on exercising. How wrong I was!! By the end of the first lesson, I was a total convert and no matter how tired I was after a days work, the thought of meeting up for a lesson energised me. I learned so much in those four weeks, plus it was very sociable as well. The instruction catered for individual needs, whilst nurturing a group bond. We now do the organised walks every week, an experience I highly recommend to everyone. Carol and Graham research each walk so that it will challenge, but at the same time be safe and highly enjoyable. The benefits to health and fitness are undeniable, but we chat, we laugh, we enjoy ourselves. Every week the walks offer something different. New friends are made, my partner walks up hills she wouldn’t have attempted a few weeks ago. We see deer, rabbits, walk over fields and through woods, brilliant. But do you know the best thing about it? It’s the smiles! You are enjoying it so much, you just can’t help but smile. Thank you big time, to Carol and Graham, (and to my partner for ignoring my reluctance) for introducing me to this wonderful way of keeping fit.

— Ian I